ALL THAT IS SOLID... - Solo exhibition by Cyrus Tang

Cyrus Tang

Cyrus Tang’s works are poignant meditations on loss and longing. Her art practice focuses on disappearance of things, of people, places or objects, and their dissolution into remembrance, sometimes fantasy.

Art Exhibition previously on at Artereal Gallery in New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 01 October 2014 to Saturday 01 November 2014

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Published by anonymous on Friday 19 September 2014.
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She seeks to portray absence as a presence, to reconstruct ephemeral mental states and sensations in permanent images or forms – as sites of loss. Paradoxically, what disappears leaves a phantom residue.

She has worked with a range of variously permanent yet also ephemeral materials including clay, water, ash, steam and snow in order to produce a visual representation suggestive of the contrast and contradiction between appearance and disappearance, and between ephemerality and permanence.

The artist elaborates on the concept and the significance of hair for this exhibition: “In this project, ‘All That Is Solid…’, I use hair as trace material left behind by us in our everyday life. The traces of life are like the flow of some memory that wanders like a shadow around us.

Hair suggests fragility and the ephemeral, yet
remains long after the body’s death. It carries an ambiguous materiality: a series of dead, keratinized cells, hair grows from beneath the scalp’s surface, which teems with blood vessels and bacterial life. Its inert biology is always animated as it splits and sheds. At once in and of the skin, extending and striating the body by drawing the subject beyond the dermis while rooting her within it, hair is the flesh’s last claim to life as it is eclipsed by death and decay.”