Danny Treacy


Them is an ongoing project by the British photographer Danny Treacy (b.1975). Begun in 2002, the project includes items of clothing that are gathered, then dismantled and reassembled by Treacy. These are then turned into constructed suits – entitled Them – which he wears and captures in life-size self-portraits.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Photographers' Gallery in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Friday 18 July 2008 to Sunday 14 September 2008

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Published by anonymous on Friday 13 June 2008.
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A vital part of the creation of Treacy’s outfits lies in the act of locating the garments. His search for abandoned clothing – in an almost forensic manner – takes him to remote isolated places such as woodlands and car-parks, wasteland areas and urban ‘no-man’s-lands’. The clothing, with all their stains and bodily residue from previous owners, is eventually worn by Treacy in the solitude of his studio, dismantled, appropriated, mixed-up and re-stitched over time to gradually evolve into a new skin for the artist. These various processes culminate in the act of the self-portrait.

Presented as life-size prints, his mummified bodies often appear genderless, resulting in the creation of almost archetypal, timeless figures – the medieval warrior, the industrial zombie, the mythical beast. Treacy is not interested in the origins or personal history of the individual items of clothing, but by briefly inhabiting other people’s possessions he experiences a certain level of intimacy, eroticism and desire.