Takahiro Iwasaki: The reflection model

Takahiro Iwasaki is recognized as one of Japan’s new generation of emerging young artists, who creates intricately detailed models that reinterpret contemporary cityscapes and iconic historic buildings. Commissioned for the National Gallery of Victoria, the third and largest work in the Reflection Model series takes as its subject the Shinto shrine of Itsukushima.

Art Exhibition previously on at NGV International in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 05 December 2014 to Monday 06 April 2015

Takahiro Iwasaki: The reflection model  image

Published by National Gallery of Victoria - International on Thursday 25 September 2014.
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In recent years, his artworks have been featured in numerous international art fairs and major exhibitions, with sculptures from his Reflection Model series receiving the greatest attention. The Reflection Model series focuses on seven of Japan’s most sacred buildings that all have an intimate visual relationship with the reflections they cast in the water that surrounds them. Playing with this striking visual relationship Iwasaki constructs precise three dimensional models that are exhibited suspended, in a way that combines the actual building with its illusionary reflection to create one complete form.

Felton Bequest, 2014