The Kaleidoscopic Turn

Continuing the NGV’s representation of current tendencies in contemporary art, The Kaleidoscopic Turn brings together works by artists working with colour, light, sound, movement and space.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 20 March 2015 to Sunday 23 August 2015

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 25 September 2014.
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Drawn from the NGV’s collection and featuring a number of recent acquisitions, The Kaleidoscopic Turn resonates with references to various artistic legacies of the 20th century from Op art to colourfield painting, offering a range of multi-sensory experiences including immersive installations, kinetic sculptures, video art, works on paper and painting in its diverse and expanded forms.

Tracing connections between a range of artists experimenting with pattern, repetition, light, colour, movement, space and various optical and kinetic effects from the 1960s to now, The Kaleidoscopic Turn aims to provoke active engagement with its audience in intense and lively ways. Whilst focusing largely on contemporary Australian art, The Kaleidoscopic Turn will include a selection of works by international figures, such as Bridget Riley’s dynamic experiments in Op Art, Marta Boto’s kinetic sculptures and Zilvinas Kempinas’s dazzling air and video tape installation. In doing so, The Kaleidoscopic Turn will explore the nature of perception from diverse artistic positions.

Artists in the exhibition include Marta Boto, Eugene Carchesio, David Harley, Melinda Harper, Matt Hinkley, Zilvinas Kempinas, David McDiarmid, Anne-Marie May, Tomislav Nikolic, Bridget Riley, Sandra Selig and Jesus Soto among others.