Richard Larter

A Retrospective

Richard Larter is widely considered to be one of Australia’s most distinguished artists. Born in 1929 he arrived in Australia from England in 1962 and, over the ensuing four decades, created an impressive, provocative, lively body of work.

Art Exhibition previously on at National Gallery of Australia in Acton precinct, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.
From Friday 20 June 2008 to Sunday 14 September 2008

Published by anonymous on Friday 13 June 2008.
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Larter’s lively wit and satirical insights are matched by his considerable abilities as a draughtsman and particularly as a great colourist. His ability to combine politics, history and sexuality mixed with feeling for colour makes his works unique, energetic and challenging.

In 2008 the National Gallery of Australia recognises and celebrates the work of Richard Larter, one of Australia’s most engaging and lively artists. In this retrospective exhibition, which covers his artistic practice from the late 1950s through to the present, visitors will have the chance to engage with a spectrum of works that are at times provocative and dazzling, and at other times evocative and lyrical – but never dull.

Since the 1950s several themes have been present in Larter’s work. These themes will be conveyed in the exhibition, including an ongoing interest in the human body and sexuality, a fascination with popular culture, and a strong opposition to censorship, authority and the Vietnam War. His paintings often challenge the perceived boundaries between abstraction and figuration and between so-called high art and low art.

A sense of theatre pervades many of Larter’s works, including those of the 1970s that bring together well-known public figures – musicia