Corban Renouf - Altered

Gallery 2

Inspired by personal and political liberty, Corban Renouf uses suggestive imagery to demonstrate chaos.

Art Exhibition previously on at red gallery in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 15 October 2014 to Saturday 01 November 2014
Launch Wednesday 15 October 2014, 6-8pm

Corban Renouf - Altered image

Published by red gallery on Saturday 04 October 2014.
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Utilising the same language large marketing companies use to sell Renouf silently demonstrates the chaos that abounds within the media. Through this work, the artist hopes to convey the message that woman should not be valued by beauty alone, despite the constant appeal and barrage of glamorous images, portrayed by the media.

Renouf’s current body of work are all executed in freehand style, giving the images a sense of rawness. Enhanced by paint and finished off with air-brushing, enabling a sense of openness and looseness to pervade the images.