José Damasceno: Plot

Existing at first on the peripheries of vision of regular library users, Plot draws visitors deeper into the building on a disorienting journey.

Art Exhibition previously on at Artangel in City of London, United Kingdom.
From Friday 03 October 2014 to Sunday 23 November 2014

José Damasceno: Plot image

Published by anonymous on Monday 06 October 2014.
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Works are found in different parts of the working public space, co-habiting areas used for reading and research, and leading a series of linked encounters towards a former auditorium on the top floor, no longer in use. This journey is not unlike those we take in the reading of classic literature, to imagined lands and places of allegory and satire, shifting our perspective, transforming the familiar into something alien.

Inspired by the artist’s research into London’s architecture and social history, along with seemingly disparate influences that range from Jonathan Swift to Hammer Horror, under Damasceno’s interpretation, Holborn Library becomes the departure point for an excursion into a realm where two dimensions become three and one time is transposed onto another.