The 2008 Biennale of Sydney

Revolutions - Forms That Turn

Established in 1973, the Biennale of Sydney is Australia’s largest and most exciting contemporary visual arts festival. Billed as a celebration of the defiant spirit, the 2008 Biennale brings together some of the world's most respected artists, under the direction of international curator, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev.

Art Exhibition previously on at Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) in Sydney precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Wednesday 18 June 2008 to Sunday 07 September 2008

Rosemary Laing image

Published by M.C.A. on Tuesday 17 June 2008.
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Curated around the theme of Revolutions – Forms that Turn, the artists in this Biennale explore how change has been, and continues to be, a driving force in society.

The MCA has a long history of collaboration with the Biennale and is proud to be involved as a major venue partner in 2008.

This Biennale presents the work of more than 140 artists across 8 venues, with over 50 newly created artworks alongside groundbreaking art from the avant-gardes of the last century.

The artists, thinkers, film makers and writers participating this year explore the concept of Revolutions – Forms That Turn. This theme suggests the impulse to revolt in both art and life; a desire for change; and seeing the world differently.

Many works in this year’s exhibition encourage people to discover new ways of looking and thinking about life today.

See over 40 Biennale artists at the MCA including:

Maurizio Cattelan, Alexander Calder, Sam Durant, León Ferrari, Anawana Haloba, Rosemary Laing, Tracey Moffatt, Giuseppe Penone, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Sharmila Samant, Miroslav Tichý