Symposium on Indigenous Screen Performance

The symposium recognises the outstanding contribution that Indigenous writers, directors and actors are making to Australian film, television and theatre with a particular focus on Redfern Now, The Gods of Wheat St and Tim Winton's The Turning. Participants include Leah Purcell, Tony Birch, Jon Bell and Jub Clerc who have multiple credits as writers, directors and/or actors.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre For Creative Arts, La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.
From Monday 10 November 2014 to Monday 10 November 2014

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Published by Centre for Creative Arts on Friday 24 October 2014.
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The aim of the symposium is to open up a conversation on how roles are changing for Indigenous actors on screen, and how Indigenous writers, directors, actors and producers work together to create a performance.

The symposium is hosted by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image with support from the Indigenous Arts Program at City of Melbourne, Victoria University and the Centre for Creative Arts at La Trobe University.