Re-structure 2014 Conference

Budget cuts proposed by the Abbott government have instigated a proliferation of restructures across the public sector.

Art Exhibition previously on at Centre For Creative Arts, La Trobe University in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 20 November 2014 to Thursday 20 November 2014

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Published by Centre for Creative Arts on Friday 24 October 2014.
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These restructures will have far reaching impacts on culture and education. Not only are we witnessing the manifestation of a markedly neo-liberal policy paradigm with its small government and big society rational, but with so many cultural workers currently sustaining their practice through employment in the public sector, we may also see a failure of a particular kind of Western art professionalism.

How can the arts sector and arts practice in the communities be supported in this time?

This conference looks at the current state of the arts, and considers alternative modes of culture and knowledge production within times of shrinking public expenditures. Featuring participants from performance, fashion, gaming, media and community intervention, the event explores both broader sustainable strategies as well as “clever partial solutions” to cultural and knowledge production in a post-public sector environment.

In seeking alternatives, the Re-structure 2014 Conference looks to the proliferation of smaller scale community economies worldwide, in both on and offline environments, and to the modes of cultural production and knowledge exchange with other sectors such as environmental NGOs.

The conference will include presentations by Dr Stephen Healy (co-author of Take Back the Economy), Dr Joan Staples (researcher / Environment Victoria), Dr Geert Lovink (Institute of Network Cultures), Angharad Wynne-Jones (artshouse / tippingpoint Australia), Dr Maria Miranda (artist / researcher / ARI experience), Jon Hawkes (policy analyst / co-founder Circus Oz), Dr Grace McQuilten (researcher / curator / founder of Social Studio), Siying Zhou (artist, VCA / Melbourne Uni), Trent Kusters (League of Geeks), Dr Katharine McKinnon (community planer / La Trobe University), Rick Chen (, Fee Plumley (artist, digital activist), Vic McEwan (CAD factory).