Romantic Conceptualism: Scot Cotterell

Romantic Conceptualism is a new solo exhibition by Scot Cotterell. Using the exhibition title as a prompt, various paid amateur actors create videos and photographs in response. Using content commissioning web-services to hire actors from across the world, at a fixed USD rate, the works become studies of the aesthetics of this peculiar platform.

Art Exhibition previously on at Contemporary Art Tasmania in Tasmania, Australia.
From Friday 24 October 2014 to Sunday 23 November 2014

Romantic Conceptualism #1, Scot Cotterell, 2014 image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 29 October 2014.
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They come together as a collective conjuring, a self-referential loop, a chant, a drone. A distributed idea and a redundant manifesto.

Through the process of search, find, order and transaction the disparate agents offering these low cost production services in their ‘online global marketplace’ are bought together as outsourced assistants in the production of new cultural material across cultural, social and economic borders.

The exhibition title, the text prompt used to make the work and the main textual content of the individual works is one and the same, Romantic Conceptualism. A dialectic term with a binary central pin, on which it revolves. That central pin, as if through a dead specimen, holds a term before us for study, a term that suggests a point of emergent difference, cellular change, evolution. The point at which a cultural phenomena morphs a sub-level offspring. The point at which one DJ says to another ’I don