Inside, Outside and In Parallel

On Tuesday, 4 November, Artspace, IMA, and Protocinema will present a public conversation with three visiting Turkish curators representing a range of independent, not-for-profit and museum sectors to Australia, Inside, Outside and In Parallel: Speculations from three curators working in the Turkish context.

Art Exhibition previously on at IMA - Institute of Modern Art in Queensland, Australia.
From Tuesday 04 November 2014 to Tuesday 04 November 2014

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Published by Institute of Modern Art on Wednesday 29 October 2014.
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Övül Durmuşoğlu, Başak Şenova, and Mari Spirito will speak about curating within the context of Turkish contemporary art, artists and institutions in the 21st century. Following their presentations, a panel discussion and Q&A led by Russell Storer, Curatorial Manager, Asian and Pacific Art, QAGOMA, Brisbane, will enable the audience to engage with a variety of methodologies specific to the Turkish context.