Hauser & Wirth is pleased to present

Art Exhibition previously on at Hauser & Wirth (New York 69th Street) in United Kingdom.
From Saturday 08 November 2014 to Saturday 20 December 2014


Published by anonymous on Friday 07 November 2014.
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Its premise is that artists are able to live through the most intense forms of life, and to transform them into subtle and strong sensorial realities; at the same time they can expand the most limited feeling or event and turn it into a world of its own.

Viewers find in the artwork a separate space, where they are given the possibility to go through moments of contemplation and emotion whose nature is profoundly different from anything else they can be exposed to in reality. And if they are ready to be exposed, these artworks truly alter them, and they go back to the actual world with a changed mind, changed feelings. They are offered the new birth of an intensified existence.

Every artwork is a new birth for the viewer, and a promise of survival for the artist.

This intensity, the beauty and the violence of an eternally new birth merge with the hopes gained with the possibility for life to continue: art is another life, and yet it converses with human existence at large.

It is made by artists, for the sake of art, often in the physical absence of the audience, and yet humans even when invisible, are always present.

Art is a form of estrangement and yet it is the most acute awareness. It is a contradiction that nonetheless builds up coherence. It is discretion, and it is exposure.

With art, you exist on your own, and yet you are part of community, whether you are an artist or a viewer