Jill Brailsford


A short journey into the fantastic. Painting, drawing and printmaking from Jill Brailsford.

Art Exhibition previously on at Ebden-Small in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Sunday 06 April 2008 to Wednesday 07 May 2008

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Published by anonymous on Saturday 21 June 2008.
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In the places Jill Brailsford has created in her painting and illustration is a range of creatures and luminescent forms full of the vibrancy of colour and light. This place could easily have been formed in the eye of a child deciphering the language of illustration in posters, swap cards story and reference books.

Overly happy ‘wet eye’ animals frolic in a forest of onlooking creatures, small girls disappear into spongy clouds of unknown substances and hollow eyed moths hover in the night over glinting jewls.

These characters and forms float in flat layers and are sometimes combined with elements reminiscent of wrapping paper. A kind of Hi Glo gothic or lighthearted adult psychedelica that at once evokes a sense of joy and spookyness, full of nascent fear and the defiantly happy and the naïve wonder of the fantastic we once experienced as children.


Ebden-Small Gallery
22 Piper St
Kyneton 3444