The Object Divine: an exhibition of sculpture, ceramic, glass & mixed media artworks at LDFA

A diverse range of artworks by Australian artists

Very different approaches to media and form are operating in this diverse assembly of sculptures and sculptural objects. There is a great variety of scale and of techniques - carving, casting, throwing, blowing, painting, assemblage, ahdn-building and even taxidermy. Aptly, in a show entitled The Object Divine, the big subjects of life and death are centre stage though humour is never far away.

Art Exhibition previously on at Lauraine Diggins Fine Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 11 November 2014 to Saturday 13 December 2014

Blu Roo - China Green Tea 2014 image Deadly Poppies 2011 image Geisha 1963 image Red Bowl image To Paint a Waterlily 2014 image Beagle Vessel image Running Water 1996-97 image Twenty-First Dialogue image Untitled Head image The Four Seasons image Pirate Skull 2012 image Three Jhawayn Figures 1972 image Tiwi Figure image Bird Lover image Jewel in Orange image Arrkerr image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 11 November 2014.
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