Sublime in the Suburbia

Igor Mihajlovic

This show underlines Igor Mihajlovic’s experience of the sublime, while existing in the suburbia of Perth. The contrasting feelings of terror and awe stemming from vastness and silence of the suburbs is a sublime experience.

Art Exhibition previously on at Paper Mountain in Western Australia, Australia.
From Friday 28 November 2014 to Sunday 14 December 2014

Igor Mihajlovic, The Cultural City Centre, 2013 image

Published by anonymous on Wednesday 26 November 2014.
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Mihajlovic has chosen to use the method of collage, of existing imagery formed into new narratives, to express his lived experience. The cut-and-paste method works to express the Sublime in the Suburbia with the use of vast space and contrasting, often comical, imagery that parodies his memories and experience of these spaces. Feeling that representing something as absurd as awe, inspired by the common place, through the parody collage provides, illustrates the ideas of the sublime experience in the ridiculous suburb. These works provide an exaggerated, almost comical, view of Perth, aimed to reflect Mihajlovic’s imagining of my day-to-day in this city.