Ennion: Master of Roman Glass

The most outstanding examples of first-century Roman mold-blown glass were produced by the master glassworker Ennion, the focus of this exhibition. With twenty-four examples from collections in Israel, Europe, and the United States, it will be the largest gathering of his work to be displayed in an exhibition.

Art Exhibition previously on at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, United States.
From Tuesday 09 December 2014 to Monday 13 April 2015

Ennion: Master of Roman Glass image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 27 November 2014.
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Works by other named glassworkers—such as Jason, Neikais, Meges, and Aristeas—will also be on view, along with a selection of unsigned mold-blown glass vessels that will illustrate the profound influence Ennion exerted on the nascent Roman glass industry.