Paper Chase: Two Decades of Collecting Drawings and Prints

This exhibition of works of art on paper pays tribute to the esteemed connoisseur and brilliant curator George R. Goldner, Drue Heinz Chairman of the Department of Drawings and Prints since 1993, who will be stepping down in early 2015.

Art Exhibition previously on at Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, United States.
From Wednesday 01 January 2014 to Wednesday 01 January 2014

Paper Chase: Two Decades of Collecting Drawings and Prints image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 27 November 2014.
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Under Goldner’s leadership, the Department of Drawings and Prints has acquired—through purchases, gifts, and bequests—some 8,200 works on paper from Europe and the Americas dating from about 1370 to the present. These acquisitions range from famous works such as Leonardo da Vinci’s studies for a statue of Hercules to those more esoteric such as Hans Christian Andersen’s A Whole Cut Fairy Tale. There are rare works such as the subtle engraving Queen of Flowers by the Master of the Playing Cards and exceptional examples of an artist’s oeuvre such as the majestic drawing Queen Esther Approaching the Palace of Ahasuerus by Claude Lorrain.

Upon joining the Metropolitan, Goldner set out to strengthen our extensive holdings of drawings and prints so that all important periods and schools were well represented. He undertook this mission with passion, instinct, and a shrewd knowledge of the art market, acquiring Netherlandish, German, British, and French drawings from collections, dealers, and auctions around the world. Goldner made remarkable discoveries, among them his first purchase for the Metropolitan—an exquisite landscape drawing by Pietro Perugino. Superb works by Titian (1999.28), Peter Paul Rubens (1996.75), William Blake (2011.448), and Paul Gauguin (1996.418) have also entered the collection under his stewardship. Presented here are highlights of the acquisitions made during George Goldner’s twenty-one years at the Museum.