Intimate Worlds

Through both the medium and discourse of paint five artists draw the viewer close to engage with intimate spaces and scales, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Art Exhibition previously on at AirSpace Projects in New South Wales, Australia.
From Friday 05 December 2014 to Monday 22 December 2014
Launch Friday 05 December 2014, 6 pm

Anie Nheu. close up of The hand stand [left] and Ingested [right] image Kaye Shumack. Orange chair in the sun. 2014 image Catherine Rogers. Sea in paint, big sky image Stephanie Montieth. Black slipper. 2014 image Fleur Macdonald. Giorgio Pengee failed his audition to be the next Dr. Who and has decided to set his sights on Starfleet instead, 2014. image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 04 December 2014.
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The premise for this exhibition is to make a group of 4 to 5 paintings and explore their connections to one another with an underlying theme of Intimate Worlds.

In exploring this theme, it came to mind that perhaps it’s a prerequisite to have an ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ world to arrive at an intimate world. Each painting was individually conceived with its own characteristics and feel. They were then further resolved as a whole after juxtaposing and assigning them their place in the group. As the work developed, I was taken by the emotional narrative that emerged through the play of visual texture of the paint and the dynamic interactions of the shapes of the paintings through both: from within, and from the shapes these paintings. Towards the end, I thought the group was telling me the title of its configuration: we watched as she did her handstand single handedly.


AirSpace Projects
10 Junction Street