Ydessa Hendeles: From her wooden sleep…

In “From her wooden sleep…”, Hendeles draws together disparate elements to compose a tightly choreographed tableau vivant. Continuing her daring explorations of psychologically charged cultural artefacts, Hendeles has staged this show to give visitors an unexpectedly intimate encounter with the work’s many suggestive elements.

Art Exhibition previously on at ICA - Institute of Contemporary Arts in Greater London, United Kingdom.
From Wednesday 25 March 2015 to Sunday 17 May 2015

Ydessa Hendeles: From her wooden sleep… image

Published by anonymous on Friday 02 January 2015.
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The ICA is pleased to present “From her wooden sleep…”, a major new work by German-born Canadian artist-curator Ydessa Hendeles.

Central to the installation is a remarkable and unique collection of 150 wooden artist manikins collected by the artist-curator over thirty years. Ranging in date from 1520 to 1930 and in scale from palm-size to life-size, the manikins surround a lone figure that stands exposed in the crossfire of their gaze. The intense focus of the scenario suggests a community gathering—perhaps in a courtroom, or at an auction, anatomy lesson or drawing class. The result is a multi-layered meditation on belonging.

Hendeles is a pioneering exponent of curating as a creative artistic practice. She is renowned for her large-scale, site-specific curatorial compositions. Her exhibitions are wide-ranging but precise, visually arresting and psychologically complex, but readily engaging to the general public. Pieces from the past are repositioned as keys to unlock the present. Blurring the line between collector, curator and artist, Hendeles has fashioned her own distinctive space in the contemporary art world. “From her wooden sleep…” is an extraordinary development in a singular career.