The Prosopopoeias | Olivia Pintos-Lopez

A ‘prosopopoeia’ is the representation of an abstract quality or idea in the form of a person or creature.

Art Exhibition previously on at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 23 January 2015 to Sunday 15 February 2015

The Prosopopoeias | Olivia Pintos-Lopez image

Published by Counihan Gallery on Saturday 17 January 2015.
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Using collected fragments and materials, Pintos-Lopez assembles figures existing as something between doll and puppet. These free standing characters appear frozen in movement, their positions and stances forming relationships between each other and with the viewer. In their inanimate state they suggest their own unique histories but also hint at stories set to unfold.

Artist talks: Saturday 31 January, 2.30 pm

Olivia Pintos-Lopez
Untitled figure 6 2013
Linen, lace, kid leather, thread, resin, metal armature, cotton
20 cm
Image courtesy the artist