"Babble Jabber" Exhibition Opening at island6 Hong Kong

10 March, 2015 1 New Street,Sheung Wan

Babble Jabber  image
Babble Jabber .  http://www.island6.org/BabbleJabber_info.html.  All rights reserved.  island6.  Hong Kong  2015.

Do you ever think in circles only to discover that your mind really is a circle and it’s a knotty maze of chaos and circles have no end and wow *#%! you really are crazy after all…. Welcome to the slippery edge of sanity, where tornados of absurdity and abstruse clouds of hazy climatic beginnings are waiting to push you over the edge.

Art Exhibition previously on at island6 in Hong Kong.
From Saturday 10 January 2015 to Monday 11 May 2015
Launch Tuesday 10 March 2015, 7pm

Toe the line of socially acceptable behavior with “Babble Jabber,” a multimedia exploration of bottomless lunacy by the Shanghai-based Liu Dao art collective.

Do you know yourself well enough to trust the clamoring voices in your head? Trust them when they beg you to allow your entire labyrinth-like dreams to come to life when “Babble Jabber” unfolds at island6 Hong Kong. The dynamically deranged exhibition opens with an insanely elegant vernissage on the evening of March 10th, from 7-10pm at 1 New Street, Sheung Wan. Join the island6 crew as they take a leap into the deep end of the human psyche while sipping a handpicked selection of libations from our sponsor, Catangi Wine, that are sure to get the mind (and other things…) flowing.

Vernissage: Tues, 10th March 7-10pm


Art Event published by anonymous on Wednesday 25 February 2015.
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