Robert Boynes

Afterimage - New Paintings

Robert Boynes reflects on the nature of our urban existence by presenting snapshots of the often-mundane aspects of our lives: walking through the city, waiting for a train, pausing on the street. He abstracts these commonplace activities, paring down and veiling them, leaving only the movement of the figure which, when severed from its original context, stands for any citizen of any city.

Art Exhibition previously on at MAY SPACE in Waterloo precinct, New South Wales, Australia.
From Tuesday 15 July 2008 to Saturday 09 August 2008

Traffic image

Published by anonymous on Thursday 03 July 2008.
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Robert Boynes works through a series of oppositions within his practice, both in terms of his subject matter and his creative process. He simultaneously draws attention to the outside and the inside, public and private, static and animated, the unique and the repeatable.

His method of working also mirrors this concept of the generic image that relates to us all. He draws on a bank of images that he has taken over his many years as an artist – from this vast bank he repeats key iconic images, inverts them, crops them and re-presents them. He uses these photographs to build up his paintings with a multitude of layers created from screenprinting and various methods of direct paint application. His screen prints are infinitely repeatable but also infinitely repeated upon the one surface in order to create a multi-layered, and often highly textured, surface that, in its final form, is entirely unique.