Forms of Deceit

Counihan Gallery in Brunswick

This is not a sign image
This is not a sign.  Kiron Robinson, neon, 2008.  All rights reserved.  Kiron Robinson.  Australia  2008.

Artists: bcmp (Sam George and Ace Wagstaff), Sam George, Joseph Griffiths, Brant Haslough, Kate Hodgetts, Marita Lillie, Mutsumi Nozaki, Jon Orth, Kiron Robinson and Maria Stolnik. Curated by Dunja Rmandic and Edwina Bartlem

Art Exhibition previously on in Brunswick precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 10 July 2008 to Sunday 03 August 2008
Launch Thursday 10 July 2008, Wednesday to Saturday 11 am to 5 pm Sunday 1 pm to 5 pm Closed Public Holidays


233 Sydney Road

Art stresses the illusory qualities of images, vision and language, in which we still place faith as ways of representing and knowing the world. Forms of Deceit brings together a group of emerging artists who engage with themes of truth and deception by questioning the trustworthiness of disparate forms of communication through their chosen media. The exhibition asks: Why is it that in the presence of visual art we ultimately resort to language? Can images and
language be trusted? And can artists themselves be trusted?

Special event:
Forms of Deceit artists bcmp (Sam George and Ace Wagstaff) will undertake a silent performance in the gallery on Sunday 13 July and Sunday 27 July from 1 pm – 5 pm, investigating the possibility of maintaining friendship and artistic collaboration while avoiding spoken language.

Art Event published by anonymous on Monday 07 July 2008.
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