Now+4Eva is a new retail concept by Melbourne-based pop artists Architecture in Helsinki for the launch of their new album. Part gallery, part listening space, part retail emporium, the Now+4Eva Concept Store seeks to re-configure and re-imagine the possibilities of music retail: How can music be a collective and physical experience rather than something streamed in via the cloud?

Art Special event previously on at SIBLING in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 28 March 2014 to Sunday 06 April 2014

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Published by anonymous on Thursday 19 March 2015.
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Rather than compete with the rainbow of products or the buzz of the shopping mall, SIBLING grounds the merchandise in monochromatic PVC pipes. Echoing a large-pipe organ or pan flute, this one material holds everything together: Its utilitarian nature also meets the challenge of a constrained budget and a quick time-frame from design to construct. It could simply be inserted into the glass box provided by the shopping mall overnight.

The Now+4Eva store was open at Melbourne Central from the album release date of Friday March 28 through to Sunday April 6th. An online store is to follow.

Photography by Tobias Titz