Gilbert & George


The Brooklyn Museum will be the final venue of an international tour of the first retrospective in more than twenty-five years of work by the internationally acclaimed artistic team Gilbert & George. The exhibition comprises of more than sixty works produced since 1970, among them more than a dozen that will be seen only in the Brooklyn presentation, including a site-specific work.

Art Exhibition previously on at Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, United States.
From Friday 03 October 2008 to Sunday 11 January 2009


Event published by Brooklyn Museum on Tuesday 08 July 2008.
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The exhibition was organized by Tate Modern, London, with the support and collaboration of the artists, who consider this to be the definitive presentation of their work. It traces their stylistic and emotional evolution through their pictures and works in other media, ranging from large-scale drawing installations from the early 1970s to postcard pieces, to ephemera, dating back to the 1960s. The Brooklyn presentation is supported by Altria Group, Inc.
Gilbert and George met in 1967 while students at St. Martin’s Art School in London. They began working as a team, developing a uniquely recognizable style both in their pictures and in their presentations of themselves as living sculptures. Working as a team for more than forty years they developed a new format that combined art and photography through a unique production process. Most of their work is produced in series and created especially for the space in which it is first exhibited.
Since 1974 Gilbert and George have used a grid system to create their works, which are now developed with the use of sophisticated digital editing techniques. In the early 1980s they began to introduce bold colors in their series of pictures, with one or more works in each group that were created o