Mr Brightside

Mr Brightside sits on the edge of the bagel-belt, but rather than fusing an urban experience with the suburban context of South Caulfield, Mr Brightside looks to the surrounding parklands for a sense of escapism.

Art Special event previously on at SIBLING in Victoria, Australia.
From Sunday 01 January 2012 to Saturday 01 December 2012

Mr Brightside image

Published by anonymous on Friday 20 March 2015.
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Inserted into a lifeless base building common in the twenty-first century suburb, Mr Brightside turns the concrete shell to create a warm and cosy ambience, making the corner cafe a log-cabin. This is achieved by building a new timberframe hut that structures the dining experience, creating intimate and cosy nooks for both coffee folk and meal-seekers. The casual weekender escape is also found in the details of found objects that perch between the ply-clad walls. The casual craft of Mr Brightside found in the junction of timber frame and ply will weather and warp over time, but already the treatment of materials suggests that the cafe has already existed for some time. The low-cost materials chosen to build of Mr Brightside is not simply an economic decision, it is also an aesthetic choice. The dining experience should be without a cacophony of senses – this is about a clarity in relaxing.

The feeling of escape is extended by the provision of picnic blankets for customers to hike across the road to the parklands. The log-cabin becomes not only the home of cuisine pioneers in South Caulfield but aims to push the adventurous to explore the surrounding landscape.

Photography by Tobias Titz.