The Thousands Store

Studio and retail fit-out

The Thousands Shop sits at the top of Curtin House's vertical laneway, where a variety of mixed program cluster on several floors. The clients sought a solution that allowed for an autonomous studio working environment that could operate alongside or transform into a retail space.

Art Special event previously on at SIBLING in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 01 December 2009 to Thursday 31 December 2009

The Thousands Store

Published by anonymous on Friday 20 March 2015.
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Primarily operating as a digital retail and cultural guide, there was a desire to translate the digital space The Thousands inhabit into a physical realm. This led to discussions of spatial identity and ultimately to the idea of discovery within a natural garden setting. Analogous to fruits or plants within the garden – that could be discovered, nurtured, cultivated and appreciated – the objects within the shop and the writing from the studio, were similarly considered in and amongst an abstract garden arrangement. A minimal palette was intended as the backdrop for the spectrum of colours and shapes that the store would accommodate. It is intended that as the shop and studio develop over time, that so too, will the setting. The coir floor will develop patterns of use, the various plys will patina and the plants will grow.

Visual identity by tin&ed