Future Nature

In partnership with the Australian Museum, Future Nature explores possible futures posed by artists, designers and architects inspired by biology and the natural world.

Art Exhibition previously on at Object Gallery (Closed - see Australian Design Centre) in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 16 July 2015 to Thursday 16 July 2015

Future Nature image

Published by anonymous on Monday 23 March 2015.
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By examining the emergence of unreal designs blurring the boundaries between scientific discovery and artistic practice, Future Nature will map the burgeoning intersections of art, science, and design.
An investigation exposing process and enquiry, Future Nature looks at problems such as urban food production, density, public health, indigenous approaches to nature, particularities of evolution on the Australian continent, animal mimicry, symbiotic systems and the ethics of technological innovation.

Leading the charge for Future Nature will be Tom Rivard who’ll be collaborating with Object as the program’s creative producer. Tom’s a designer, educator, synthetist, and artist; his production company, Lean Productions, is a multi-disciplinary practice dedicated to reimagining the links between cultural acts and the urban environments in which they thrive.

Future Nature will feature two designers-in-residence working and creating in the new Australian Design Centre from May 25. Object designers and illustrators Egg Picnic and emerging architect Justin Cawley will be exposing their creative process as they contribute designs for the exhibition.