Julie Rrap. Remaking the world

A Vizard Foundation Contemporary Artist Project

Julie Rrap’s involvement with body art and performance in the mid-1970s in Australia continued to influence her practice as it expanded into photography, painting, sculpture and video in an ongoing project concerned with representations of the self and the body.

Art Exhibition previously on at Ian Potter Museum of Art in Victoria, Australia.
From Tuesday 21 July 2015 to Sunday 15 November 2015

Remaking the World #1 image

Published by Ian Potter Museum of Art on Thursday 26 March 2015.
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Rrap’s exhibition, as part of the Vizard Foundation Contemporary Artist Project series, will continue her exploration of this aspect of representation while also investigating the creative process and the stereotype of the artist as creative genius.

This exhibition will present a number of new works, including a video installation of thirty sleeping artists, suspended from the ceiling like hanging bats. The new works will be complemented by key works from Rrap’s oeuvre revealing the pinball-like creative practice which has been central to her thinking over the last decade.