Power of Place: Aboriginal Artists Living and Working in Desert Australia

Power of Place is an exhibition of Aboriginal artwork to be held adjacent to the State Theatre of Western Australia. The show explores the centrality, and expression of place in the work of Aboriginal artists living and working in desert Australia.

Art Exhibition previously on at FORM Building a State of Creativity in Western Australia, Australia.
From Sunday 12 April 2015 to Sunday 19 April 2015

Published by FORM on Thursday 26 March 2015.
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In contrast to the idea of the inland regions as the country’s ‘dead heart’, Aboriginal art visualises this landscape as alive with colour, richness and meaning. Across varied artistic expressions, place continues to appear as a web of interaction between environment, people and the cosmos.

It is a networked space knitted together by land, religion and a strong sense of community maintained through rules of kinship and relationships. The complexity of place is revealed in melodic patterning and bold gesture, which appear in paintings that fully exploit the sensuality of colour and paint.


The Hive, State Theatre Centre, WA