'Adventures to the Heart of the Universe'

Paul Robertson

Lamington Drive is pleased to present 'Adventures to the Heart of the Universe', a solo exhibition of new work by Melbourne-based artist Paul Robertson. Paul’s work evokes a classic 8-bit style and draws the viewer in to his intricate psychedelic worlds.

Art Exhibition previously on at Lamington Drive in Victoria, Australia.
From Thursday 15 May 2014 to Saturday 07 June 2014
Launch Thursday 15 May 2014, 6-9pm

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Published by Lamington Drive on Friday 27 March 2015.
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For ‘Adventures’ Robertson presents a series of looping pixel animations about travelling across time, space, and beyond, featuring an original sound work by Jeremy Dower.
A boy sets off on a journey through the universe, searching for meaning within an infinite sea of information and noise. Along the way he encounters strange worlds, inter-dimensional creatures, vast formulas, fragments of
a familiar world left behind, and amazing new friends on journeys of their own.
Paul Robertson is an internationally recognised animator and pixel artist based in Melbourne. His recent television and video game projects include Gravity Falls, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Fez, Adventure Time and Mercenary Kings. In 2012 Paul participated in Diversions, a group exhibition at Giant Robot in LA. Adventures to the heart of the Universe marks Paul’s first solo exhibition.