Re-Citing | Renee Ugazio

Re-Citing is an experimental project by Renee Ugazio. Rust is everywhere in our cities. In its refined form it is the key ingredient used in the finest jeweller’s polish.

Art Exhibition previously on at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 10 April 2015 to Sunday 03 May 2015
Launch Thursday 09 April 2015, 6-8 pm

Re-Citing | Renee Ugazio image

Published by Counihan Gallery on Saturday 28 March 2015.
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In this way rust can be seen as both a means of renewal (polishing) and decay (rusting). Re-Citing is an experimental project that shifts the jeweller’s gesture of polishing into the outdoor context. In this exhibition this action and its trace are used to engage the materiality of the urban environment and explore the relationships that emerge between gallery, these sites and processes.

Free Artist Talk
Saturday 18 APRIL, 2.30 pm

Public Critique Session
Lead by Dr Dominic Redfern,
Associate Professor RMIT
Saturday 2 May, 2 – 3 pm

Renée Ugazio
Re-Citing 2015
Digital photograph.
Photograph: Kate Mollison
Image courtesy the artist