Amy Spiers

Amy Spiers is inviting everyone she knows to build a cubby in the Six_a gallery space.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Saturday 12 July 2008 to Friday 01 August 2008
Launch Friday 11 July 2008, thursday - sunday 1-5pm

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Published by anonymous on Friday 11 July 2008.
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Continuing a preoccupation with creating occasions that bring people closer together, Amy is inviting everyone she knows in Hobart to help her build a cubby at 6A.

With basic and everyday materials together we will create a space where we can contemplate the connections we share, the things that become possible when we meet and the intimacies that can be exchanged when we have the opportunity to be close.

Between 7 and 11 July Amy invites you to take part in the cubby building. All that is necessary is an hour of your time and the contribution of a few building materials like blankets, boxes, chairs, tables, rugs, curtains or cushions.

Interested? Give Amy a call on 0438 069 856 to arrange a time.

The show opens at 6A on Friday 11 July at 6pm.