‘Cosmic Dread’

Sean Morris

Lamington Drive is pleased to present ‘Cosmic Dread’ by Sean Morris. Marking his first solo outing since exhibiting in Madrid in 2013, ‘Cosmic Dread’ features a series of new paintings on wood, print tapestries and painted vases, all adorned with a selection of Sean’s favourite subject matter—freedom vehicles, snakes vs snake-people, and powerful, slightly disgruntled girls with swords.

Art Exhibition previously on at Lamington Drive in Australia.
From Thursday 14 May 2015 to Saturday 30 May 2015
Launch Wednesday 13 May 2015, 6-9pm

Cosmic Dread image

Published by Lamington Drive on Friday 01 May 2015.
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Morris’ eclectic work flickers between the trashy and the beautiful, manifesting in curious studies of outsider living and colourful homages to low culture. Symbols of evil are given loving twists, and nostalgic tributes are made to things that probably never happened, but which Morris wishes had.