'A River'

Marc Martin

Lamington Drive is pleased to present 'A River', a book launch and solo exhibition by Marc Martin.

Art Exhibition previously on at Lamington Drive in Australia.
From Thursday 16 April 2015 to Saturday 09 May 2015

A River image

Published by Lamington Drive on Friday 01 May 2015.
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To celebrate the launch of Marc Martin’s latest literary offering, ‘A River’, Lamington Drive is hosting an exhibition of artwork from the book, accompanied by new drawings and sculptures inspired by the pages within.

Filled with vibrant colours and richly textured landscapes, ‘A River’—published by Penguin Books Australia—immerses the viewer on a journey through cityscapes, farmland, forest, jungle, and vast oceans. The work captures diverse environments, flora and fauna, depicted in a kaleidoscopic array of colours and signature techniques.

Martin’s current work combines gouache, watercolour, pencil and scanned textures to form uniquely vivid and intricate illustrations that capture the imagination and carry the viewer to a place of curiosity and wonder.