The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick

Boe-Lin Bastian | Simon Finn | Bonnie Lane | Kristin McIver | Kate Shaw | Alice Wormald | Paul Yore

Art Exhibition previously on at Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 15 May 2015 to Sunday 07 June 2015


Published by Counihan Gallery on Friday 15 May 2015.
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Curated by Claire Anna Watson

Synthetica, a NETS Victoria and BLINDSIDE touring exhibition curated by Claire Anna Watson, presents delightful experimental works by seven of Victoria’s most cutting edge contemporary artists selected for their dynamic and hypnotic imagery, pulsing machines and curious forms brimming with life and wonder. They use humorous and theatrical devices question the role of nature and culture around us. The works in Synthetica consider the physical environment and the nature of experimentation in an increasingly technological world.

Synthetica is supported by the Victorian Government through Arts Victoria’s Touring Victoria program.


Brunswick Artist Run Initiatives Walking tour: Saturday 16 May, 11.30 am

Join Jane O’Neill as she takes participants on a guided walking tour of the vibrant Artist Run Initiatives in the Brunswick area. Meet at the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick.

Artist talks: Saturday 23 May, 2.30 pm
Panel Discussion | The Future is Now: Saturday 30 May, 2.30 – 4 pm

Kristin McIver, Thought Piece (What’s Going On) 2013
Neon, steel, concrete, motion sensors, vinyl, neurons, electrical impulses
Image courtesy of the artist and James Makin Gallery, Melbourne and Liverpool Street Gallery, Sydney

Bonnie Lane, Make Believe 2012,
Single channel HD video, 1 hour 5 minutes
Image courtesy of the artist and Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne