Vision Quest: Into Nature

'Vision Quest: Into Nature' contemplates the quest for a greater understanding of our environment both visually and conceptually.

Art Exhibition previously on at The Incinerator Gallery in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Friday 05 June 2015 to Sunday 26 July 2015
Launch Tuesday 05 May 2015, 6pm - 8pm

Vision Quest: Into Nature image Into Nature - Detail.  image

Published by Jasmine Targett on Wednesday 20 May 2015.
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In the changing world, responses to environmental challenges have become mixed and varied. Key themes, or rather ‘tags’ are now inextricably liked to nature that include – under threat, endangered, in crisis and disaster. These imbue a sense of uncertainty, provoking a narrative within visual culture on aesthetics and emergency. Jasmine Targett’s ‘Into Nature’ from her Vision Quest series, examines the existential crisis that arises from such uncertainty about the future.

Immersed within Melbourne’s Dandenong Ranges, vacant of human markers, the image depicts a handcrafted device for enhancing vision that allows the viewer to see deeper within their surroundings. The allegory within the image implies that the atmosphere in the rages is observed as permeable, as thought there is a portal within the ether allowing us to look deeper Into Nature.

Installed in the garden at Incinerator Gallery, the image appears on a billboard, erected by the artist. Juxtapositioned against one another, the two landscapes intersect and rupture one another. The contrast of the natural and built environment engages us in a conversation, drawing a circle around how the two environments are disjoined or innately connected. The poignancy of presenting this work within this context alludes that the future of one, is bound to the other.


Incinerator Gallery
180 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds VIC 3039, Australia