Clothing Beam


Clothing Beam is award-winning lighting and sculpture artist Marc Pascal’s ode to the Fracture Gallery in Fed Square’s Atrium.

Art Exhibition previously on at Federation Square in Melbourne precinct, Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 09 July 2008 to Friday 19 September 2008

Clothing Beam image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 15 July 2008.
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Accessible all year round, the Fracture Gallery is a space that inspires innovation and creative thought. Comprising of twin parallel glass walls extending the full length of the Atrium, complimented with the cacophony of fractured glass shards and a web of cross bars in between, the Fracture Gallery is both inspiring and daunting.

With a matrix of rigging points and visible from both sides, the space commands a site-specific dialogue between artistic vision and canvas. The exhibition potential is unique, rare, powerful and exciting.

Acclaimed artist Marc Pascal will be highlighting ‘this amazing jigsaw structure’ by covering 123 of the angular square beams inside the Fracture Gallery in a coloured ‘skin’. Nine colours are used to lead visitors’ eyes around the gallery.

From the building’s exterior the viewer will be struck by the different greens. From the interior, the viewer will appreciate pinks and oranges in different hues. Pascal has chosen green to emphasis his commitment to green thinking. Pink is the colour of tranquillity, healing and quietness. The colours will subtly change as sunlight strikes the fractured glass, according to the time and mood of the day.

Pascal’s awareness of the impact of his art on the environment is also reflected in his choice of life-long materials. He creates objects using polycarbonate and stainless stee