S. Shakthidharan

Associate Artist, S. Shakthidharan collaborates with some of Australia’s most marginalised communities to tell stories of contemporary migration from South and South East Asia to Australia.

Art Exhibition previously on at Carriageworks in New South Wales, Australia.
From Thursday 18 June 2015 to Sunday 02 August 2015

S. Shakthidharan image

Published by Carriageworks on Wednesday 27 May 2015.
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Carriageworks has supported S. Shakthidharan to undertake a diverse program of professional development including travel to international festivals and observation periods with internationally renowned artists.

In 2015 S. Shakthidharan will present Emergence (Myth Story Cycle One) as part of 24 Frames Per Second. The work will then premiere in Paris, alongside the UN Climate Change Conference, in partnership with CuriousWorks and New York’s The Streaming Museum.