Thep Paved Paradise

Beverley Knowles Fine Art presents the recent works of Ilona

These three artists work very differently. Ilona Szalay is a painter in oils on canvas, Charmain Ponnuthurai is a sculptor and installation artist whilst Kirstie Macleod has been described as a conceptual costume artist. Inherent in all their work are questions of control; the balance between the desire to protect and the point at which preservation, advertently or otherwise, begins the process

Art Exhibition previously on in United Kingdom.
From Saturday 05 July 2008 to Sunday 03 August 2008
Launch Wednesday 23 July 2008, 6-9pm

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Published by anonymous on Wednesday 16 July 2008.
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Kirstie Macleod investigates the complex relationship between women and dress by throwing the conventional understanding of this dualistic relationship on its head. In Bijou (2007) the archetypal “little black dress” tires of masking it’s owner’s individualism with it’s glamorous off the peg identity and rebels, taking control of the wearer and trapping her. Her struggles to escape end unsuccessfully. Is the dress in control or the society that fashions and promotes it?

Kirstie will be showing a live performance of Perpetua as part of the Viktor & Rolf Retrospective at The Barbican on Thursday 10 July.

Following on from her successful solo show at the London Art Fair Project Space, Islington in January 2008, They Paved Paradise unveils Ilona Szalay’s work of the last six months, which takes an increasingly melancholic turn. Szalay has deepened her enquiry into the dark undertones of human relationships – love, desire, possession and control. The subtle presence of the often disguised threat from without is chilling. Protection comes at a price.