Chris Langlois: The Nature of Air and Light

Following a recent sell out exhibition and national touring survey Points in Time, Chris Langlois will be exhibiting his latest body of work The Nature of Air and Light at Gould Galleries.

Art Exhibition previously on at Gould Galleries in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 12 August 2015 to Saturday 19 September 2015

Weather Systems (Mundi Mundi) no.1  image Weather System (Dawn) no.1 image Weather System (Dusk) no.2
 image Weather System (Tasman Sea) no.17
 image Weather System (Tasman Sea) no.18

Published by Gould Galleries on Wednesday 03 June 2015.
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Langlois is regarded as one of Australia’s leading neo-romantic landscape painters. His exquisite works blur between the literal and abstract with subtle nuances of space and light allowing him to play with the real and imaginary within the same image.

“My use of landscape is not to depict place, instead it’s a tool or vehicle to draw the viewers’ own relationship with place. My paintings are generally cinematic, empty and vague so as to engulf the viewer. My aim is to effect the viewer in the same way music effects the listener, not a literal journey, not a story, but to educe of the viewer an emotional response.

Practically all of my work is of desolate landscapes. What draws me to these empty environments is the intangible space of the horizon; it is unattainable, it is purely a place of the imagination, somewhere in the mind to escape to, but in reality never approachable.
I am drawn to clouds for the same reason as I am drawn to the horizon, in that I find atmosphere an unreachable space. I am attracted to the drama, power and violence in weather systems; they are big and epic events.”