an exhibition of light and sound

envelop(e) is a group exhibition of sound and light works. An atmospheric collection based on ideas of pockets or envelopes of space that contain sound and light environments.

Art Exhibition previously on at Contemporary Art Tasmania in Tasmania, Australia.
From Thursday 11 June 2015 to Sunday 19 July 2015
Launch Wednesday 10 June 2015, 7pm

Julian Day, Lovers, 2012. Photo Emily Sandrussi image

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A kind of secular church or refuge from the outside world, the works are dark but reflective: musings, journeys and adventures.

Elizbeth Veldon will interpret the journey and visit to Hobart of Charles Darwin on the HMAS Beagle. Mick Harris under the guise of Lull will create an imagined world, drawing on ideas of desolate landscapes and flying over vast landscapes. Christina Kubisch searches for the hidden energy that is around us in the form of
electromagnetic activity and Julian Day’s work uses the visual and aural aspects of pairs of keyboards, “lovers” standing before each other, conversing with song. Jason James will use light to illuminate the no-man’s land between the sounds, a soft threshold that can be felt as well as seen.

Curator Matt Warren says of the exhibition “Very simply put this exhibition is about surrounding worlds, produced by the artist. These are enveloping places that we respond to and that respond to each other, co-existing within the gallery walls, conversing with each other.”

Envelop(e) is presented as part of Dark Mofo 2015.