Geometrie dell'intelletto

Caffe Letterario

A TRE, (at three) painting oil on canvas of Symona Colina can be seen at Caffe Letterario, via Ostiense 83,95 - Roma.

Art Exhibition previously on in Italy.
From Friday 14 November 2008 to Tuesday 02 December 2008

A TRE (at three) image

Published by Symona Colina on Friday 18 July 2008.
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Height, width, “depth”,
A painting,
A space …

A cube has six fields,
regular squares.

To make it more clear that the one in the distance
comes very near in being the one at the front,
I gave them the same size.

The canvas is a regular square,
I suppose that leaves five fields.
One on the left, one on the right,
One above, one under,
One in the distance.

Four edges.

Heigt, width, “depth”,
A paiting,
A space …