Rachael Haynes

Rachael Haynes’ contemporary feminist art practice brings together performance, drawing and installation with pedagogic, curatorial and collaborative strategies.

Art Exhibition previously on at BLINDSIDE in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 27 May 2015 to Saturday 13 June 2015

Rachael Haynes QUICKDRAW (Unthinkable) digital video still, 2015 image

Published by anonymous on Friday 05 June 2015.
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Without Pollock’s painting hers is unthinkable.
(E.C. Goosen, ‘Helen Frankenthaler’ Art International 5, No. 8, 20 October 1961, p.78)

Unthinkable is a new installation that incorporates fabric works and a lecture performance video to pursue a subjective engagement with feminist histories. The works perform a playful mixing of language codes and systems – drawn from art criticism, the histories of abstraction and conceptual art, literature and philosophy – and enacts a gendered redrawing and (re)performing of these texts. By engaging with pictorial, literary and vernacular quotations, Unthinkable replays and reveals the complexities of gender politics, representation and language.