The Cowl Incident

Paula Binnie

There is beauty in transformation and change. The Cowl Incident brings into question our changing relationship to the natural environment, and how technological innovations are altering those connections.

Art Exhibition previously on at BLINDSIDE in Victoria, Australia.
From Wednesday 17 June 2015 to Tuesday 14 July 2015

Paula Binnie, The Cowl Incident, 2014-5,  image

Published by anonymous on Friday 05 June 2015.
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A time-based videowork, in which the artist returns to the original location (‘the cowl’) to shoot the landscape as it transforms overtime via the hand of man and nature. The scenes / scenery will appear to evolve slowly over time.

Through the production of this work – I’m asking ‘is it still possible to experience the overwhelming nature of the Australian landscape through art? And, more particularly through the moving image?’ Are we still able to experience the overwhelming nature of the Australian landscape that has terrified, captivated and wowed us in the past?

So often the Australian landscape has been a marker of our national psyche, as well as reminding us of the cycles of life, and our own mortally. Do we take the time to allow the Sublime to be revealed to us? Does it exist if we have to go looking for it?