Imagining the Artists’ Village

What would a town inhabited by Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Alexander Calder and Man Ray look like? Over six sessions FleaFollyArchitects take us on a journey of discovery to the land of Paper Architecture, set within the infinite imaginarium that is Tate Modern.

Art Workshop previously on at Tate Modern in City of London, United Kingdom.
From Monday 15 June 2015 to Monday 20 July 2015

Imagining the Artists’ Village image

Published by anonymous on Tuesday 09 June 2015.
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Taking inspiration from works in the Tate collection, in particular the speculative etchings by Architects Alexander Brodsky and Ilya Utkin and paintings by the Surrealists, our objective is to design and build a fictional miniature village made entirely from paper.

We begin by tapping into memories of the group to draw upon the uncanny spaces that lurk deep within our subconscious. Each week’s activity sees the development of this space alongside our exploration of different artworks. Each participant is given their own plot of land to develop in the village and, within the lateral boundaries of this piece of imaginary land, the sky is the limit.

The course is aimed at anyone with an interest in space, design and the imagination. The range of activities include discussion, drawing, visits to the gallery and of course paper architecture.