Eyebeam at The Seaport Culture District

Starting in mid-July, and lasting until the end of the year, Eyebeam will be presenting new exhibitions, workshops and symposia at South Street Seaport's Cultural District at 117 Beekman Street.

Art Exhibition previously on at Eyebeam in New York, United States.
From Sunday 12 July 2015 to Thursday 31 December 2015

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New Directions In Computational Fashion
July – September

Computational Fashion is an Eyebeam initiative bringing together artists, fashion designers, scientists, and technologists to explore emerging ideas and develop new work at the intersection of fashion and technology.

Eyebeam will present a collection of 3D-printed fashion garments. Many were produced during the Computational Fashion Master Class that took place in 2014, co-sponsored by Shapeways. During this class, ten fashion designers, engineers, and media artists from across North America and Asia came together to learn about new methods of 3D printing and 3D scanning in order to collaboratively design work at the intersection of fashion and these emerging technologies. Three of the exhibited garments were developed by multidisciplinary design teams using a combination of 3D print manufacturing and traditional fashion design techniques.

The exhibition will be supported by public events focusing on Computational Fashion which will include panel discussions and workshops.

Bodies and Machines
A two-part exhibition of Eyebeam Residents exploring the porous and fluid boundaries between bodies, technologies, and the world outside. The exhibition is in two parts: the first, Outside In, features work which re-imagines both emergent technologies and elements of nature as brute forces, reckless yet potentially manageable. The second, Inside Out, features work which examines new types of externalizations and interactions within emergent digitalia and technological platforms.

Part 1 — Outside In
Opening in early October

Artists: Torkwase Dyson, Nancy Nowacek, and Mattia Casalegno

For this portion of the exhibition, the projects on display will explores machine translations in fluids, solids, waves, and planes.

Mattia Casalegno creates a domestic sphere of sculptures which materialize the anonymous digital intimacy that exists online in an endless feedback loop.

Nancy Nowacek presents the sounds of five NYC borough waterfronts into a realized sound installation.

Torkwase Dyson investigates sonic transmediations of place in a site-specific architectural structure.

Part 2 — Inside Out
Opening in mid-November

This portion will feature the work of artists: Joshue Ott and Kenneth Kirschner; Lisa Kori Chung, Gene Kogan, and Colin Self; Tega Brain, Lilian Kreutzberger, and Joanna Cheung