Deborah Walker

Recent Painting

Deborah Walker conjures a parallel world full of imagination and reflectiveness, alter egos and dreams with a meticulous and elegant vocabulary of formal devices and techniques. Her enigmatic compositions are metaphors for the roles we play, sometimes unknowingly, in the individual theatre of the psyche.'

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Wednesday 08 October 2008 to Saturday 25 October 2008
Launch Saturday 11 October 2008, Tues- Fri 10-5pm Sat 12-4pm

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Published by Gallery 101 on Wednesday 23 July 2008.
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Her paintings are about people and relationships although the story they are part of is not always clear to us. Sometimes Walker’s figures seem frozen by inaction, stasis, caught in a melancholy and suspended time zone. The spaces in the work are notable for the desolate vastness of the landscapes, their anonymity behind the principal figure – a horizon, a sheet of water or featureless land. In ancient art, intrinsic aspects of the land were personified as reclining deities or crowned goddesses, as natural forces bound by unsettling myths. Perhaps her strangely powerful figures actually personify the spaces around them, like ancestor figures.