Heather Shimmen


Heather Shimmen’s extraordinary detailed lino-cut prints deal with themes of migration and land. They tell individual and collective stories of struggle and fancy to expand the sanctioned histories of our colonial past and question the meaning of our national identity.

Art Exhibition previously on in Australia.
From Wednesday 29 October 2008 to Saturday 22 November 2008

Cry image

Published by Gallery 101 on Thursday 24 July 2008.
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This series of work relates to the local mythology of the coastal landscape around Venus Bay, in south eastern Victoria where Heather has a studio. References to once inhabited beachside shacks and to the regional vegetation and local birdlife abound in these works. Shimmen creates a mythological world, where the past very much inhabits the present. Our view is obscured in translation – by language and time. Like looking through the sway of rippled glass, Shimmen’s world of stories is fluid and distilled, like legend or fiction, and populated by creatures and beings that bear testimony of their own existence.